Is Travel Insurance Mandatory: Which Countries Require Travel Insurance?

Is Travel Insurance Mandatory: Which Countries Require Travel Insurance?

Planning an international trip is undoubtedly a tedious task. It requires various types of planning to be done by the traveller. This includes determining the visiting spot or destination, ticket bookings and accommodation at the desired place. The traveller considers the aforementioned tasks imperative for a memorable trip. However, an individual is rarely concerned about his safety on an international expedition. It is important to ensure the safety and protection on foreign land by purchasing travel insurance. 

Travel Insurance Policy

Travel insurance is a general insurance plan which offers coverage to the policyholder on a trip. It is designed to protect the interest of the policyholder against any loss or damages which may ensue on a journey. The travel insurance policy indemnifies the policyholder against the potential risks on a journey. It provides medical treatment to the insured individual in case of a health emergency. In addition, it helps the policyholder to avoid incidents that may cause financial losses. This includes loss of luggage or valuable items. The travel insurance product provides the appropriate compensation in case of loss of the baggage or personal belongings of the policyholder. 

Is Travel Insurance Mandatory?

Some counties have made travel insurance mandatory. However, there is no rule which states that an individual must purchase a travel insurance policy for travelling abroad. Regardless, it is always prudent to ensure the safety and protection in the foreign state. It might be overwhelming for many people to travel abroad for the first time. Nevertheless, it may cause a major issue for the people visiting a new place. Without a basic idea about the culture and language of a foreign nation, one must avoid exploring unknown places. For example, in Europe, the cases of pickpocketing are prevalent. It is not safe to explore such cities without any security. Hence, it is advisable to purchase a travel insurance policy in order to be financially shielded against such issues. 

Which Countries Mandate Travel Insurance?

One may find many countries which have made it imperative for travellers to possess a travel insurance policy before penetrating their boundaries. For example, Turkey, Cuba, and Mexico have made it mandated for the traveller to buy a travel insurance policy in order to acquire a visa for the respective countries. However, the requirement for travel insurance may vary from nation to nation. It is at the discretion of the countries what coverage they require the travellers to include in their travel insurance plan. One may contact the embassies of the nation in order to understand the requirements of coverage in a travel insurance policy. 

Countries Require Travel Insurance

Here is the list of countries that require travel insurance from visitors in order to obtain a visa. However, it is important to note that the countries mentioned below are not exhaustive. More countries can be added or removed based on the policies they frame. 


Russia is an ideal nation to visit for business or vacation purposes. One may find it a diverse and customarily rich destination to spend the vacation. The country is famous for its architecture, historic cities and popular landmarks. An individual should visit Red Square, and Kremlin located in Moscow. People love visiting the Hermitage Museum in Russia. However, it is crucial to note that visitors must possess travel insurance in order to travel to Russia. The insurance policy is mandatory regardless of the purpose of the visit. 


Cuba or the Republic of Cuba is a renowned place to visit. An individual may witness the colonial architecture and extensive history of Cuba. In addition, the lush tropical scenery is a delight to the eyes. However, one may not experience the aforementioned places in the absence of a travel insurance policy. Travel insurance is the basic requirement to visit the Republic of Cuba. In addition, the insurance policy must consist of medical insurance in order to cross the border of the country. 


Turkey is a marvellous destination which comprises various places to experience. It has a rich history and unmatched beauty. The breathtaking Turquoise Coast is the top spot of attraction. One may visit Istanbul, Ephesus, Antalya, and many more places for a remarkable holiday. However, a visitor must purchase a medical travel insurance policy in order to enter the country. Since the insurance coverage is not mentioned or stated by the authority, an individual may choose it on the basis of requirement. Nevertheless, the insurance duration must last for the period an individual shall stay in the nation.


Qatar is a rapidly developing nation. It is also called as State of Qatar. It is a majestic destination to spend holidays. The nation is located on the northeastern coast. It shares its border with Saudi Arabia. In order to experience its rich heritage, one may purchase a travel insurance policy. Travel insurance must include the medical provision in order to visit this nation. The law of Qatar states that an individual must possess medical travel insurance to enter the country as a foreign visitor. 

Schengen Area

The Schengen Area comprises 27 European states. This includes Denmark, France, and Germany. The Schengen Area attracts millions of visitors every year. However, before planning a trip to the Schengen Area, one must purchase a travel insurance policy. The authority shall not allow any visitor to enter the country in the absence of an insurance policy. Therefore, the policyholder must possess adequate coverage in the travel insurance policy. The purpose of the visit becomes immaterial in the absence of travel insurance.

The United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates or UAE is a great holiday destination. It offers the natural beauty of the desert and the significance of Abu Dhabi. An individual planning a vacation in a foreign state must not miss visiting the UAE. However, a travel insurance policy is the prerequisite to entering the UAE as a foreign traveller. Therefore, an individual must purchase a travel insurance policy to have a remarkable holiday.

Why Travel Insurance is Mandatory?

Let us discuss why countries require travel insurance from travellers.

Financial Security

Financial security is the primary cause behind mandating travel insurance policies in various countries. It is mandated to protect the travellers from unforeseeable events. The insurance policy offers coverage against unexpected measures. This includes trip cancellation, lost baggage or personal belongings, and medical costs. Therefore, while embarking on an international trip, tourists must ensure safety and protection by purchasing a travel insurance policy. 

Prevent Host Nation from Bearing Losses

Travel insurance is imperative in order to protect the host nation from bearing medical or other expenses. For example, earlier, if a traveller faced any medical emergency, the host nation was expected to appoint doctors and arrange an ambulance in case of a serious injury. However, with travel insurance products, the host nation may remain calm and avoid such hindrances. This is a more sustainable approach taken by the countries to protect the interests of the visitors.

Impact of Travel Insurance on Visa Application

The travel insurance is likely to impact the visa application. In many cases, it is the rule and prerequisite for visitors to avail of a travel insurance policy before applying for a Visa. The travel insurance offers coverage against the loss or damage caused to a third party. Therefore, if a policyholder harm or cause any serious injury to a third person in a foreign nation, the insurance company shall provide the appropriate compensation. 

Travel insurance may make the visa application process smoother. It reflects that the person applying for a visa is a responsible candidate. It also leaves a genuine impression on the officer reviewing the visa application. In addition, it also demonstrates the awareness of the policyholder with regard to the potential risks. Therefore, an individual must purchase a travel insurance policy for the clearance of a visa application.


There are various countries which have made travel insurance mandatory in order to enter the state. The travel insurance policy offers several coverages to the policyholder. Hence, one must purchase travel insurance in order to have a memorable trip in a foreign state.

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Q. Is a travel insurance policy important for an international trip?

A. Travel insurance is important. However, not all nations require this insurance policy. Nevertheless, it is ideal to purchase a travel insurance policy in order to evade the potential loss or damages. 

Q. What is the legal coverage offered by a travel insurance policy?

A. The travel insurance shall provide appropriate damage or compensation in case a third party sustains any injury due to the act of the policyholder. It shall protect the policyholder against any decree or judgment passed in favour of a third party. Every legal cost shall be borne by the insurance company. 

Q. Which counties require travel insurance policies?

A. There are many countries which require travel insurance policies for the approval of visa applications. This includes Cuba, Russia, Qatar, etc. 

Q. What type of coverage is provided by the travel insurance policies?

A. The travel insurance policies offer several kinds of coverage. This includes medical expenses, loss of baggage or personal belongings, legal cases, etc.

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