This Diwali go Pet-Friendly- Buy Pet Insurance Plan

This Diwali go Pet-Friendly- Buy Pet Insurance Plan

As the festive season is approaching, there is no doubt that our enthusiasm, fervor, and spirit remain high. It is the time of the year, when we all gather and celebrate the festival of love and light with family, friends, and close ones. Amidst all the Diwali celebrations, some people also burst crackers; we should remember that bursting firecrackers is not only harmful for the environment but also to trouble animals.

As pet parents, we need to keep in mind that cats, dogs and fireworks are not a good mix. Beautiful as those bright lights and bangs are to us, they are terrifying to our fur friends. Even Diwali-related items such as Rangoli colors and lanterns can also be dangerous to our pets.

The light of candles, diyas, or anything too bright may lead your pet friend to be more anxious. Ensure that the rooms where they are should be well curtained. However, do not lock them in the room for too long. Doing this will only add to their stress.

Steps to keep your pet safe this Diwali

However, as we know, even taking a lot of care, mishappenings knock on the door anytime, so to protect our pets and to make sure that your pets get quality health care at the time of medical emergencies. This Diwali, why not celebrate your pet by giving them a pet insurance plan that rocks?

What is Pet Insurance?

Pet insurance nowadays has become one of the most emerging categories in India. Insurance companies in India foresee this sector as the vast untapped potential for the future insurance market in the coming years. Pet insurers place the number of pets insured at over 19 million, and the value of the Indian pet industry currently estimated at above Rs. 400 crores. Insurance industry insiders in India expect the pet insurance business to boom along with the increased public awareness about insurance.

Need for Pet Insurance

Having pet insurance reduces financial and emotional distress for the pet parents when their pet is sick, especially during Diwali time when happiness is all around. Just as health insurance provides financial aid to treat an illness, pet insurance helps cover unexpected and expensive veterinary bills for various animals. All the Pet Insurance is IRDA-approved.

Secondly, we all know that the medical and grooming charges of pets fall between Rs 10,000 to Rs 54000 annually, having pet insurance, you can save this cost. The best way to offer quality health care to your dear pet.

Types of Pet Insurance

Pet insurance has a variety of insurance options to choose from- Cattle Insurance, Dog Insurance, cat insurance, and horse insurance.

There are three types of pet insurance to choose from:

  • Lifetime cover – Pet owners under this plan get a specific amount annually for the pet’s treatment.
  • Time-limited cover – Once the pet has contracted an illness or suffered an injury, this policy will provide financial aid for a limited period.
  • Money-limit cover – Under this plan, the pet owner gets the cover until the policy money limit is finished.

Benefits of Pet Insurance

Bears the Medical expenses

Apart from the hospitalization charges, pet insurance also offers mortality benefits that include covering OPD expenses, pre-hospitalization charges, and finally yet importantly, the costs involved in long-term care.

Third-party liability cover

Another important benefit of Pet insurance is that it protects the pet owner against legal liabilities arising due to any kind of injury caused by their pet to a third person’s body or damage/loss to property. This coverage is essential for owners with aggressive pets that could scare or vandalize a third-party property.

Financial aid

Financial aid in the unfortunate event of theft, loss, or straying of pets.

Bottom Line

Ensure that your dear pets are taken care of well and the children of your home or locality are not involved in mischievous activities that may harm the dogs. Diwali is a festival for all, making it enjoyable for every living being and most importantly for your dear pets. Let not the sparkling festival of lights turn into horror for our furry friends.

Apart from that, you need to make your pet prepared for every unforeseen circumstances at times of Diwali celebration with the best of Pet Insurance Plan. Based on the pet’s age, health, condition, and the pet owner’s financial standing, a host of pet insurance policies is available.

So, why wait? Buy Pet Insurance today.

The younger your pet is when you start the cover the less likely they will have any pre-existing conditions. This means you will enjoy broader coverage!

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