SBI general insurance agent sells insurance policies to consumers. He brings the insurance company and buyer together by selling the policies.

Becoming an SBI agent is a rewarding job. A person may secure a financial future by selling the insurance policies to the consumer. He needs to understand the demand and need of the consumer to sell suitable insurance policies. The insurance company pays a fixed commission to its agent after selling the policies.

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About SBI General Insurance Company

SBI General Insurance Company is one of the trusted insurance companies in India. It was started in October 2000. The insurance agency was registered with the IRDAI (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India) in March 2001. It serves millions of families in India. SBI Life Insurance offers different kinds of policies to meet the demand of people. SBI is a fast-growing company. It aims to be the most trusted insurance company in India. The company has more than 23000 branches in India. It has helped 34 crore consumers and has won many ‘Insurer of the Year’ awards.

Here are some key highlights of SBI General Insurance Company.

Parameters Details
Established 2000
Headquarter Mumbai
Official Website
Branch 23000+
Helpline Number 1800 102 1111

How to Become an Insurance Agent?

A person may become a SBI general insurance agent. SBI offers the right opportunities to people to join as an agent. A person needs to fill in the following criteria to become an SBI general insurance agent.


A person must qualify for the 10th standard examination or equivalent examination. The recognised institution conducts the equivalent examination.


The applicant must attend 20-25 hours of training at an institute approved by IRDAI. Later, he needs to qualify for the pre-licensing test to become an agent.


Benefits of Becoming an SBI General Insurance Agent

Here are the benefits of becoming an SBI Insurance agent.

Easy-to-Explain Products

The SBI products are easy to explain to the consumer. A person may easily explain the benefits of such products to the buyer. He can make a simple explanation that helps the consumer to understand the products so they may choose the suitable coverage.


The SBI General insurance company offers some attractive income to its agents. An agent may sell the insurance product and earn a reward on every insurance policy he sells. SBI appreciates the dedication of agents by paying commissions.

Career Growth

A person may grow his career by becoming an SBI insurance agent. He may achieve new heights in his career by selling different kinds of products.

Strong Support

The SBI helps its agents by offering strong support in selling the policies. It has a strong presence in every part of this country. Therefore, an agent may expect strong support from the company.

No Investment

An agent does not need to make any investment in order to become the SBI General Insurance agent. He only needs to give his time to the client in order to explain the policy.

Training Program

SBI organises different training programs for its agents. A person may attend such training programs to sharpen his skills in selling the policies.

How Becoming a PoSP Agent is Better Than Becoming a SBI General Insurance Agent?

Becoming a PoSP agent is better than becoming a SBI General Insurance agent.

Let us understand the PoSP insurance agent.

PoSP (Point of Selling Person) is another type of license introduced by IRDAI. The IRDAI introduced this license to meet the unique demands of people. A PoSP agent may sell different kinds of insurance policies. A SBI General Insurance agent may only sell the policies of SBI. However, a PoSP agent may work with more than one insurance company and may sell their product. He is not limited to only one company. Therefore, he has more earning scope as compared to SBI General Insurance agent.

It is easy to become a PoSP agent. One needs to attend the training session and clear the exam. A person may start selling an insurance policy once he gets the license after clearing the exam.

Benefits of Becoming a PoSP Agent

Here are the benefits of becoming a PoSP agent.

It is Easy to Become a PoSP

It is easy to become a PoSP agent. He only needs to attend the training session and clear the exam. Once he passes the exam, he may sell the insurance policies.

No Fixed Timing

There is no fixed time for this work. An agent may work at his convenience. He does not need to sit at a desk from 9-5. He may work whenever he wants.

Work From Home

A PoSP agent may work online. He may contact his client online and sell the policies. He may also explain to them the benefits of policies.


An agent may earn a regular income by selling the policies. He receives a fixed commission on every policy he sells. In addition, he may earn a regular income on the renewal of policies that he has sold.


An SBI insurance agent may also become a PoSP agent and sell every kind of product of multiple insurance agencies including SBI general insurance. He may enjoy a flexible working hour and earn a regular income. A PoSP agent may also work from home and contact the client online. He may become his own boss by selling the policies as per his choice.

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Q. What is SBI General Insurance Login?

A. SBI General Insurance login is a platform where the agent may enter his user ID to access the site. It is an ID that a person receives after becoming an agent.

Q. What is SBI General Insurance career?

A. A person may make a career by becoming an agent in SBI. He may sell the insurance policies and grow his career by earning more rewards.

Q. What is SBI General Agent Log in?

A. It is an ID which an agent receives after becoming an insurance advisor.

Q. Who can become a PoSP agent?

A. The following people may become PoSP.

  • Homemaker
  • Businessmen
  • College student
  • Retired employees
Q. What documents do I need to submit to become the PoSP?

A. One needs to submit the following documents.

  • Class 10th mark sheet
  • PAN Card
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Cancelled Cheque
  • A Photograph
Q. How to become a PoSP agent online?

A. A person may follow these steps to become a PoSP online.

  • He needs to visit the PoSP site of an insurance company.
  • He needs to enter his personal details.
  • He must complete the KYC process.
  • After verification, he needs to attend the 15-hour training.
  • He also needs to appear in the PoSP exam.
  • Once he clears the exam, he shall receive the PoSP license.

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