How To Generate Leads For Health Insurance

How To Generate Leads For Health Insurance

Health insurance is of paramount importance, especially in a country like India, where healthcare costs are rising rapidly. As an insurance provider, understanding how to generate leads for health insurance is vital to connect with potential customers who need reliable coverage.  According to a HubSpot study, 61% of marketers believe that generating leads is a top challenge. 

In this blog, we’ll explore effective strategies and techniques that can help you generate high-quality health insurance leads in the Indian market.

How to generate health Insurance leads in India?

Health insurance provides several benefits such as covering medical expenses, providing financial security, protecting from medical inflation, covering critical illnesses, providing tax benefits, and the ability to make cashless claims. In India, the generation of health insurance leads takes practice, experimenting with new tactics, and patience. The good news is that the Health Insurance Consumer Pulse Survey 2020 found that third-party agents are the top sellers of health insurance in India. 

Issues faced while generating leads for selling health Insurance

Generating leads is a complex task as agents must consistently work to follow up on leads, find new ones, and think of strategies to convert the information to customers. The following are some of the top reasons which make health insurance leads generation challenging for agents. 

  1. Difficulty in persuading

Health insurance penetration is lower than life insurance penetration in India. As health insurance is optional, most Indians are not easily convinced that purchasing a policy is the best step forward. They would rather spend their savings when an emergency strikes than purchase a policy beforehand. Agents have a tough time finding even slightly interesting leads as a result because people have already made up their minds.  

  1. Requires substantial effort

Generating health insurance leads requires an agent to do a multitude of tasks which can make them exhausted in no time. They need to first source the lead, ensure it is a high-quality lead, nurture the lead, and then wait for the lead to convert. The effort required at each step is monumental which can force the agent to give up before he achieves success. With a high level of competition, it becomes even more imperative that the agent uses the right tactics to secure the lead.

  1. Too many options

It has become even tougher for agents as more than one option exists to generate leads for health insurance in India. Agents must contact the right target audience to attract the right leads. Agents also need to make the digital shift as more and more health insurance policies are being sold online. Many agents are reluctant to make this shift even though it is necessary.

  1. Constantly adapting to changes

Agents must be quick to keep up with the latest changes. Whether it is the changing Indian demographics or the industry itself, agents must be on the lookout for any changes that affect them and their leads. Remaining all time alert often becomes challenging for health insurance agents who are already juggling between multiple duties to secure leads and convert them. It is also a reason why many give up.

20 Ways to generate leads for health insurance sales

Agents can use the following techniques to generate health insurance leads in India. 

  1. Create a referral program

One of the quickest ways to generate quality health insurance leads is to create a referral program. It works wonders for generating all types of leads including group health insurance leads. Your existing customers can be your most loyal clients who bring you high-quality leads if you have a great relationship with them. Simply make sure you have the right rewards set up for them so they continue to provide leads. 

  1. Become an active listener

Listening is an important skill to master because it can help generate leads in health insurance. You need to master the art of asking direct questions politely to ensure you understand their pain points and can offer the best health insurance policy. If you do not listen, you can miss out on important information that enables you to provide the best services. By just listening more, empathizing, and engaging with your prospects, you will surely convert better and faster. 

  1. Create content 

Content creation can be done in a myriad of ways. You can create infographics, write detailed guides, upload downloadable research papers, and so on for your potential customers. The aim is to create content that is of value to your target audience. Make sure you create content that is most likely to be consumed by your target audience as it has a higher chance of generating leads for you. The content you create should be educational, fun, and engaging. 

  1. Become active on social media

If you are not already on social media, now is the time to get on board. Social media provides one of the best health insurance leads for agents in India. Do not spread yourself too thin by being on every platform but focus on being on those where your target audience can be found. Aim to build engagement instead of the sole purpose of selling policies. Answer any questions people leave on your posts, participate in discussions, and share information with your followers. 

  1. Focus on community

Another way of securing leads for health insurance agents is to do more for their community. You can take part in networking groups that exist in your community. When you turn up during events, make sure to take your business card with you so people can contact you when they need to buy a health insurance policy. People are likely to trust you more as you are giving back to your community and they are more likely to get in touch with you sooner when they need health insurance. 

  1. Use SEO everywhere possible

You may be missing out on health insurance leads simply because people are not aware of you and the services you offer. By ensuring you use SEO everywhere, you can make a big difference. For example, by using specific keywords that your target audience is likely to use, your website and content will appear on top of search engines. If you have not yet implemented SEO, start immediately to get a better click rate and eventually better leads for health insurance in India.

  1. Create a website

People are most likely going to search for you and your business on Google so make sure you create a great website. You should ensure you have professional design, landing pages, reviews, and lead capture forms handy with you always. You should also include CTAs wherever appropriate on your website to guide your lead. One of the most important aspects is to have your contact information on your website so people can get in touch with you. 

  1. Build partnerships

Building partnerships can generate some of the best health insurance leads. You can offer them referrals and you can promise them the same. Partnerships are mutually beneficial which is why many businesses are happy to agree and do business with you. You need to focus on the quality of the partnerships rather than quantity. 

  1. Host events

You can host events virtually or in person and you can even partner with other people in the same sector. You want to avoid making your event sound like a sales pitch and instead work on connecting with people. 

  1. Improve local visibility

Generating health insurance leads can also be done by improving local visibility. You can do this by ensuring your agency is listed on business directories available online such as Google for Business. It is pretty easy to set up which means it will not take you long to see results. You should ensure you include all up-to-date information when you are listing your agency so people in your local area can connect with you when they need to. 

  1. Reconnect with old leads

Old leads do not mean they are no longer useful. If you have access to a list of all your old leads, it is time to get in touch with them once again. Perhaps the circumstances would have changed by now and they may need your services at present. Even though you may seem like you are cold-calling them, you still have a chance with them. They perhaps want to purchase another policy from someone else this time or perhaps they need exactly what you are offering. Giving it a try is worth it. 

  1. Email marketing

If you thought email marketing no longer works, think again. It is still as relevant as it always has been to generate health insurance leads free. People are still as invested in reading emails and so spending time in email marketing is a good idea to generate leads. The key is to ensure you send consistent emails with content that your target audience is interested in. It is best if you add the latest on health insurance to make it more informative and useful.  

  1. Try podcasting

Everyone seems to be podcasting these days and you should also try your hand at it to generate leads. Podcasting is suitable for every industry and you can turn this into an opportunity for yourself. There is a high level of freedom associated with podcasting which means you can control everything about it. The best part is that you can start podcasting for free and educate people about the products you are offering. If you do not want to regularly podcast, attend as a guest podcaster. 

  1. Be available on review sites

Online reviews are important because people consider them before taking a decision. If you are not listed on review websites, now is the time to do so. You can ask your customers to leave reviews on the review website. It is recommended that you contact and ask for a review from all your clients. Even if any negative comments exist, make sure you respond politely and professionally. How you reply to both positive and negative comments will matter so be wise with your words.

  1. Offer free quotes or consultation

A tested way to generate health insurance leads for agents is to offer free consultations or quotes. You can add CTAs like this on your website, social media, emails, and so on where you can expect to get a response from these potential clients. By putting your name out there, people with even the slightest interest will contact you and you can then nurture those leads until they are ready to turn into your clients. 

  1. Host webinars

If you have been working in the health insurance industry for some time as an agent then you may want to try hosting a webinar. It is likely to improve your chance of generating quality leads. It is best to steer clear of promotional content when you are hosting a webinar as it will drive your leads away. Instead, show them how well you know the industry, what the trends are, and anything that you feel is educational and important. 

  1. Join freelance groups

You can join freelance groups to get in touch with them and to show that you have the best health insurance policies for them. Freelancing is going to just increase in the coming years and so working with freelancers means you can get more leads. 

  1. Purchase leads

You can purchase leads from reputable health insurance lead vendors if you have the budget to do so. It is among the fastest ways of getting warm leads that are likely to convert. It is best to go for exclusive leads rather than shared leads as they will provide better ROI. Purchasing exclusive leads can be expensive so make sure you compare a few companies before purchasing leads from them. You need to put just as much effort into these leads so they convert. 

  1. Create groups

Sharing information is easier when you create groups on social media. For example, you can create groups on Facebook or LinkedIn. By consistently posting relevant information such as the latest scoop on health insurance, you not only generate interest but you position yourself as someone reliable. As you instill trust in people, they are more likely to contact you when they need a health insurance policy. 

  1. Request contact details

Have you written some amazing content? Instead of sharing it for free, simply ask the interested people for their contact details such as their email address, phone number, etc. in exchange. Depending on what they wished to get access to, you can send them relevant content through emails. It is best not to spam them if you get their emails but instead only share what is important to them. It is a reliable way to generate leads. 

Key takeaways

Generating leads for health insurance in India requires a well-rounded and targeted approach. By leveraging digital marketing, educational content, and strategic partnerships, you can connect with potential customers, debunk myths, and emphasize the importance of health insurance coverage. Keep the focus on building relationships and providing value to your audience, and you’ll see a significant boost in quality health insurance leads for your business.

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How to determine the best method to generate health insurance leads?

Trial and error is the only way to figure out the best way of health insurance lead generation in India. It is advisable to monitor and measure every strategy used so it can be reused with other leads and turn them into loyal clients.

Who can purchase health insurance leads?

Any agent can purchase insurance leads although it is recommended for new agents who are just starting out selling health insurance. As agents grasp lead generation tactics, they may need to rely less on purchasing leads. 

What are exclusive leads?

Exclusive health insurance leads are types of paid leads meaning the agents need to purchase them from lead vendors. Exclusive leads are given to only one lead buyer or agent which makes them more expensive than shared leads. 

How to get good leads for health insurance?

Being open-minded, learning from rejection, and trying a variety of strategies according to the target audience will ensure success in health insurance lead generation in India. Agents can get good leads by strengthening their online presence, listening to their clients, and constantly tracking lead efforts.

What are real-time leads?

Real-time health insurance leads refer to potential customer inquiries or information that is delivered to a business or sales representative immediately after the lead expresses interest or takes a specific action. These leads are generated and delivered in real-time, meaning there is minimal delay between the lead’s action and the business’s receipt of the lead’s details.

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