How to get your car monsoon ready with Car Insurance

How to get your car monsoon ready with Car Insurance

Monsoon is here, bringing along moments of joy along with a share of chaos. While many among us wait for the rains to go on long drives, at the same time, we should not ignore the fury that the monsoon can unleash. Even though as a car owner we make the best efforts to deal with these issues, there is still some damage; resulting in a financial loss.

Some of the most common issues car owners face during monsoon!

  • Driving on waterlogged streets and potholes impact the car’s condition worse resulting in low visibility.
  • Cars are more prone to rusting during the rainy season, given the higher levels of moisture and variations in monsoon. These can be a pain while driving and also affect your car in the long run.
  • During the rainy season, the containment in the rainwater, mud, slush, and dirt can cause damage to your car resulting in electrical issues, and can also deteriorate the internal body parts of your vehicle.
  • Water can damage the internal parts of a vehicle and harm the braking distance of a car.
  • Poor visibility due to heavy rains, landslides, or fog in some places, might lead to more use of your wipers and lights which in turn would cause more strain on your car battery.

But do not worry, by equipping your car with the right insurance cover makes enjoying a hassle-free ride this rainy season.

Best Monsoon Coverage Car Insurance Plans

A basic insurance cover will not provide protection against any hazardous condition due to rain or other such calamity.

  • Comprehensive Car Insurance

    A motor insurance policy with suitable add-ons can come in handy for car owners during the monsoon season. Now that monsoons are on a phase-out, it is imperative for vehicle owners to understand the need to safeguard assets against risks of rain.

  • Third Party Liability

    This car insurance is a basic but mandatory car insurance cover that protects you from third-party losses and damages such as injuries to a third-party person or even their death, as well as damages to a third-party vehicle or property caused by your insured car.

Monsoon Car Insurance Add-ons

Roadside assistance

Having roadside assistance cover as a part of your car insurance makes your life much easier during monsoon travels. You get roadside assistance on the site for spot repairs, refueling, repairing of the flat tyre, spare key retrieval, or on-site battery jump-start – via an alternate vehicle or a hotel stay.

Engine protection cover

Flooding could severely damage your engine, and in the absence of a requisite insurance cover, one will have to shell out huge sums towards repairs. Cars with low ground clearance are more at risk of suffering engine damage in waterlogged streets. Do note that insurers typically provide engine protection as an add-on cover.

Zero-depreciation add-on rider

It guards the entire vehicle at 100% except for batteries, tubes, and tyres, which usually get coverage of 50%. As the car gets older, it keeps on depreciating with each passing day. At times of filing an insurance claim, the insurance provider calculates the declining value of the replacement parts and finds out the present value of the car. However, on purchasing the bumper-to-bumper cover, you can make re-directions to the depreciation liability of the wheels.

Return to invoice

During monsoon if any sort of critical damage happens to the vehicle, termed as a ‘total loss’, having return to invoice cover will save you from all the financial losses. The company compensates the on-road price (or invoice value) of your car in case the damages happened to the car beyond repair. You can claim compensation for the actual value of the car at the time of purchase, or the current replacement price of a new vehicle with the same make/model, whichever is less. You will also receive reimbursement for the first-time registration charges and road tax incurred on the insured vehicle.

Tyre Protection Cover

During the monsoons, traction affects during heavy downpours, so having a sturdy wheel band becomes paramount. One who is having tyre protection cover can claim in case of tyre burst, cuts, labor charges for refitting, etc.Please keep in mind that the tyre protection cover does not include minor puncture repairs, rebalancing and alignment of tyres, and manufacturing defects.

Collision Coverage

In monsoon, we often face the issue of low-visibility that increases the chances of car accidents. This coverage, unlike comprehensive coverage, only can be claimed in case of a collision and in not any other circumstances.

Car insurance coverage exclusions
  • If the driver is driving the car under the influence of alcohol or any other intoxicants.
  • If car damage occurs and the driver is driving the car without any driving license.
  • If the reason for engine damage is due to oil leakage.
  • In case the insured is not aware of manufactured guidelines related to how to use the car and it will result in car damage.
  • If any damage occurs to the car during terror attacks, man made calamities, or due to war.
  • The accidental loss that is deliberate or in other words ‘staged’

Your vehicle works as a companion on your good and bad roads. So always, ensure its safety by adding suitable covers and getting set ready to enjoy a smooth ride this monsoon.


What is the new rule of Vehicle insurance?

The Supreme Court of India made it mandatory for all two-wheelers and four-wheelers to buy motor insurance as per the 1988 Motor Vehicle Act.

How to protect car interiors in the rainy season?

Using rubber mats will help in protecting car interiors in the rainy season. The best part about rubber mats is that it is easy to clean, and they dry quickly which means less moisture and water droplets entering your vehicle.

Does my car insurance policy provide financial assistance in case of a total loss or theft?

If a new car is declared a total loss, the insurance company will reimburse the car’s original cost through the Return to Invoice cover, reducing the financial impact.

Does my car insurance policy provide coverage if my car is damaged in floods?

Flood damage coverage is available only if you have comprehensive coverage. Under this, any car damages happen due to natural calamities like cyclones, earthquakes, floods, etc.

What are the three types of Motor Insurance?

The most common form of motor insurance is private car insurance, commercial vehicle insurance, and two-wheeler insurance.

What is bumper-to-bumper insurance?

Bumper-to-bumper insurance is a kind of comprehensive motor insurance policy. It covers zero depreciation add-on. Under this, the claim amount is higher as the insurer excludes depreciation from parts of the vehicle.

What does the comprehensive cover include?
  • Extreme weather (Flood, lightning, hurricane)
  • Riots
  • Fire
  • Animals (hitting a deer, rodent damage)
  • Glass damage and windshield replacement
  • Falling objects (Hail, tree branches)
  • Vandalism (slashed tires)
  • Theft
Will my car insurance claim go up after a claim?

Yes, car insurance rates may go up after a claim. If you are claiming for at-fault accidents, car insurance premium rates will increase.

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