Indispensable Contributions of PoSP Insurance Agents in Modern Society

Indispensable Contributions of PoSP Insurance Agents in Modern Society

Point of Sale Person (PoSP) insurance agents play a significant role in modern society. The PoS advisor serves as an intermediary between the insurance buyer and the insurance company. Modern society needs an PoSP insurance agent in order to understand the complexity of the insurance product.

Contribution of PoS Advisor in the Modern Society

The PoS advisor makes the complex insurance product understandable for society. They study the product and its benefits carefully and make them comply according to the needs of society. They also focus on educating the insurance buyer by putting forward the significance of the insurance product.

Let us discuss the contribution of insurance PoS advisor in the modern society.

Enhance Financial Security

An individual may become PoS and contribute to the society. A PoSP agent contributes significantly to society by enhancing the financial security of the policyholder. They advocate and sell the insurance product that suits the policyholder the best. Upon selling the insurance product, they assure the individuals or businesses to have access to financial protection in case of unprecedented loss or damage to the business. This fosters the confidence of society in the insurance products. It further allows them to plan and invest in the insurance product without any fear of loss or damage.

The PoSP insurance agent explains to the policyholder how a specific insurance product is likely to protect them against financial setbacks. They also explain the events they may face in the absence of a surety or insurance product. This helps society to embark on the insurance journey.

Spread Awareness and Knowledge

The PoSP agent is considered to be a key knowledge provider. They educate the public about the significance and importance of insurance policies. They also play a crucial role in spreading awareness about the necessity of insurance policies, risk management, and the benefits of long-term planning. They promote financial literacy among individuals by highlighting the requirement of insurance policy.

Solution for Clients

It is the responsibility and key role of the PoSP insurance agent to understand the specific needs of their clients. They offer personalised insurance solutions which are likely to cater to the risk faced by a particular client or business. They ensure their client has comprehensive coverage and solutions in case of uncertain loss and damages. This leads to providing great satisfaction to the client. It also offers peace of mind to the businesses or policyholders.

Mitigate Socio-Economic Risks

The insurance policies offered by the insurance PoSP advisors help the policyholder in order to mitigate the socio-economic risks. They encourage individuals and businesses to invest in insurance policies. In addition, they contribute to stabilizing the economy and minimising the adverse impacts of unexpected events. This includes accidents, natural disasters and other unforeseen circumstances.

Economic Development

The PoSP insurance agent plays a vital role in supporting economic development. They guide the policyholders about risk management. In addition, they provide the business with comprehensive coverage for their operation. This enables the business to focus on expansion and growth without worrying about the loss or damages that may cause due to failure of operations. These steps of PoSP insurance agents encourage investment, and innovation and lead to economic progress.

Create Employment Opportunities

The PoSP insurance agents are responsible for the growth and expansion of insurance industries. They create employment within their community. They always engage in promoting insurance policies. In order to accomplish the same, they establish local agencies and work within established insurance firms. Thereby, they contribute to the growth of the insurance sector by selling insurance products to individuals and policyholders. When growth and expansion take place in the insurance industry, the industry grows and creates more job opportunities for individuals interested in pursuing a career in the insurance field.

Enhance Trust and Confidence

The PoSP insurance agent builds trust between the policyholder and the insurance company. They provide professional guidance and are committed to the best interest of the policyholder. This establishes a long-term relationship between the client and the insurance company. In addition, trust is a crucial aspect of every sustainable growth. The PoSP agent ensures this by providing favourable insurance policies to the clients.


Insurance PoS advisors play a crucial role in contributing to modern society. They remain in touch with the client and establish a long-term relationship between the client and the insurance company. In addition, they also enhance the financial security of the business by offering wise insurance policies. The PoSP provider are responsible for spreading awareness and knowledge among individuals by promoting the benefits and advantages of the insurance policy. They offer personalised insurance solutions which helps the client in order to avert uncertain risks. They also work for economic development by protecting businesses from unforeseeable losses. The PoSP insurance agent creates employment and enhances trust and confidence among the insurance buyers.

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Q. Is it possible to become a PoSP insurance agent?

A. Yes, it is possible to become a PoSP insurance agent. The individual who wishes to become PoS must qualify the eligibility criteria. Here are the eligibility criteria to become a PoSP insurance agent.

  • A POS insurance agent must be 10th (metric) passed.
  • He should have passed the examination conducted by the insurance company. He must have the certificate for the exam.
Q. What is the difference between PoSP and Agent?

A. Here is the difference between PoSP and Agent.

PoSP Agent

The insurance company conducts the exam for PoSP.

The IRDAI conducts an exam for the individual who wishes to become an agent.

A PoSP can sell simple insurance products.

An agent calls to sell complex insurance products.

The certification for PoSP is valid for three years.

The certification for the agent is valid until the person surrenders the agency.

Q. What kinds of insurance products can a PoSP agent sell?

A. The PoSP agent may sell a variety of insurance products. This includes motor insurance, life insurance, health insurance etc.

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