Owners of two-wheelers have been getting a good night’s sleep as far as their vehicle’s insurance is concerned, thanks to the two-wheeler online break-in policy. This service allows all the owners to get their expired policy renewed without any inspection and documentation.

The two-wheeler insurance renewal is not only hassle-free but also a money saver.

Salient Features of Two-Wheeler Break-In Insurance Policy

  • Instant Issuance- The policy will be instantly generated and sent to the email ID entered by the customer. However, the policy would become effective after 3 days from the date of successful payment. For example, if a customer makes the payment on 23rd June, the policy will start functioning from 26th June.
  • Highly Simplified process- The buying process is quite easy.

The company won’t pay for any damage to the vehicle if it happens between the period of payment and the policy start date. In case, the policy has stayed expired for more than 90 days, then the insured doesn’t need to provide the previous insurer’s details. Also, even if a customer has lost his previous insurance details, he can still file for the renewal, provided his policy has stayed expired for more than 90 days.

Why Should You Buy a Break-in Two-wheeler Policy from PolicyBanker?

Here are some major benefits of buying the insurance policy at PolicyBanker.

  • No Documentation Required
  • No Inspection Required
  • Pay No Extra renewal
  • Charges Instant Issuance of Policy
  • Compare from Different Insurers