Tips to set up an insurance agent business

Tips to set up an insurance agent business

In today’s fast-paced world, many individuals are seeking supplementary sources of income. One highly effective method to achieve this is by launching your own insurance agent business, specifically by becoming an insurance agent and offering insurance services all over India.

Who is a PoSP?

A PoSP, which stands for Point of Sales Person, is a category of insurance advisor officially recognized by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI). Upon successful completion of a prescribed training program, PoSPs accredited to market insurance policies across a spectrum of domains, encompassing both life insurance and general insurance. This includes offerings like motor insurance, health insurance, travel insurance, and much more.

When you assume the role of a PoSP, you gain the ability to collaborate with insurance companies or brokers, selling insurance policies directly to customers. What is particularly appealing about this career is that it can be pursued on a part-time basis, and it predominantly transpires in the digital realm. This means that all you require for this vocation is a smartphone, a laptop, and a dependable internet connection.

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Things to consider when setting up an insurance agent business

Striving for Extra Expertise: While the minimum training required to become a PoSP is just 15 hours, it is essential to make a proactive effort to gain additional experience and expertise, particularly in areas like customer relations and the various aspects of insurance policies, both pre-and post-sale.

Time Management: A notable advantage of being a PoSP is the flexibility to work from home at your own pace. However, before you embark on this journey, it is crucial to consider how much of your time you are willing to invest in this profession. Keep in mind that the more time and effort you dedicate, the greater your potential earnings.

Claim and Complaint Handling: When selling insurance policies as a PoSP through a broker or an insurance company, they typically handle the claims processing, complaints, and other aspects of customer support. Nonetheless, PoSPs also expected to function as customer representatives and manage claims, among other responsibilities. It is imperative to clarify and understand the specific processes involved in advance.

Step to set up an insurance agent business

Obtain the necessary licenses and certifications

The first and foremost important thing to setting up an insurance agent business is you need to require a license and certifications. You need to pass on IRDAI examination to become a licensed insurance agent. Familiarize yourself with the regulatory requirements and ensure you meet them.

If you have enrolled through a specific insurance company, the insurance company typically administers the training program directly. Upon successful completion of the training and the passing of the examination, you will get an e-certificate along with your official PoSP License.

Choose Your Niche:

Insurance is a vast field with various specialties like life insurance, motor insurance, health insurance, and more. Select a niche that aligns with your interests and expertise. Specializing can help you stand out and cater to a specific target market.

Business Plan Development:

Before pursuing a career as a PoSP agent always, create a detailed business plan outlining your goals, target market, budget, marketing strategies, and growth projections. A well-structured business plan will serve as a roadmap for your business and help you stay on track.

Build Relationships with Insurance Carriers:

Establish connections with reputable insurance carriers. Collaborating with multiple carriers allows you to offer a wider range of insurance products to your clients, enhancing your credibility and ability to meet their diverse needs.

Marketing and Branding:

Develop a strong online and offline presence. Create a professional website and leverage social media to reach a broader audience. Additionally, consider branding your agency with a compelling name and logo that conveys trust and reliability.

Networking and Lead Generation:

Building a network within your community and the industry is crucial. Attend industry events, join professional organizations, and connect with other professionals to gain referrals and leads.

Customer Service Excellence:

Outstanding customer service is essential for retaining clients and gaining referrals. Ensure that you are responsive, knowledgeable, and always available to address your client’s concerns and needs.

Compliance and Continuing Education:

Stay up-to-date with the ever-evolving insurance industry regulations and continue your education. Continuous learning will help you serve your clients more effectively and remain compliant.

Invest in Technology:

Leverage technology to streamline your business operations. Utilize customer relationship management (CRM) software, online quoting tools, and digital marketing to increase efficiency.

Financial Management:

Keep a close eye on your finances. Develop a budget, monitor your expenses, and set aside funds for business growth and emergencies.

Other Things to Consider Before Becoming a POSP Insurance Agent

You might need to make an extra effort to gain experience – Since the minimum training required to become a POSP is just 15 hours, you would need to make a personal effort to acquire more experience or expertise in aspects such as customer handling, or pre-and post-sale aspects on insurance policies.

Know how much time you can invest in selling insurance – One of the advantages of being a POSP is that you have the freedom to work from home as per your convenience. However, before you start you should keep in mind how much of your time you wish to invest in this work. Remember, the more time and effort involved, the more you will likely be able to earn.

Top Tools required for setting up an insurance agent business

A website

Having a site for your business can help you generate leads offer testimonials, and information to your potential clients, and include a way for them to contact or leave their information with you.

Google Listing

To become a successful PoSP insurance agent, you need to be sure that the company with whom you are associated appears in the search engine results. You can do this by following Search Engine Optimization guidelines and including certain keywords, or getting specialist help.


To set up a successful insurance agent business, one must use paid advertising programs on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. It will help you attract more clients and to gain potential leads.

Facebook Page

A page is a great way for more people to find you and your business easily, and reach out and gather inquiries from prospects.

Updating LinkedIn Page

Leverage your LinkedIn profile to expand your customer base. Utilize it to become a member of groups associated with your field and to nurture professional connections with your network and clients.

Offline Tools

When you are planning to set up an insurance agent, there are some offline tools that you can use, mentioning some of them:

Office Setup

You can create your personalized office set up to conduct your entire insurance business just from home.


While a dedicated mobile number is generally sufficient, you may also choose to establish a landline number for purposes such as cold calling and managing interactions with potential leads and clients.

Print Ads

You also have the option to promote your business through traditional print media channels, such as newspapers industry-specific trade magazines, and more.

Tips to build client base for the newly set up insurance business

One of the most essential aspects of becoming a successful insurance agent is finding of good leads. Here are some strategies for attracting good leads:


To set up an insurance agent business, you must have a large pool of good clients. It is only possible when you have a good network base:

Be a part of social media groups

  • Reconnecting with Alumni Networks: Re-establish connections with your former school or college associations to tap into your alumni network.
  • Collaborating with Fellow Professionals: Reach out to professionals in related fields, such as real estate agents, financial planners, or mortgage brokers, and establish a lead-sharing partnership, where you mutually refer business to one another.

Knowledge Sharing: Not every pitch can converted to a sale, so it is necessary to show leads that offer you extra value. Following this strategy will keep your business in mind the next time. You can do this by sending regular email newsletters with insurance tips, writing blogs on your website that demonstrate your expertise, and more.

Word of Mouth Marketing

Another way to help people discover your business is to use word of mouth. This can include

  • Referrals from satisfied clients

Asking your friends, family, or former colleagues to spread the word.

Bottom Line

Embarking on the path of initiating and managing your insurance agent enterprise is a voyage that demands unwavering dedication, resilience, and meticulous strategic planning. By adhering to these guidelines and remaining resolute in providing outstanding service, you can forge a thriving insurance agency. In doing so, you not only stand to gain personal success but also contribute to bestowing valuable protection and peace of mind upon your clientele.


  1. What is an insurance agent business, and how does it differ from being an insurance broker?

An insurance agent represents one insurance company and sells its products, while an insurance broker typically works with multiple insurance companies to find the best policies for their clients.

  1. What are the essential qualifications to become an insurance agent?

The qualifications may vary by location, but typically, you need to meet age and educational requirements, pass licensing exams, and complete a designated training program.

  1. What is the best way to build a client base for my agency?

Networking, joining professional organizations, leveraging social media, and providing exceptional customer service are effective ways to build your client base. You can also tap into your existing network of friends and family.

  1. What are the top qualities of a good insurance agent?

The topmost qualities a good insurance agent must have

  • Good Salesmanship
  • Customer service skills
  • High Energy Level
  • Honesty
  • Knowledge of a variety of products
  • Focussed
  • Self-driven
  • Good networking base
  1. What are the major responsibilities of a PoSP insurance agent?

Insurance Agents help insurance companies generate new business by contacting potential customers and selling one or more types of policies. They explain various plans to clients, guiding them in selecting a policy that suits their needs best.

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