Top 10 Travel Insurance Myths Explained

Top 10 Travel Insurance Myths Explained

People generally plan trips to spend their vacations. However, they rarely consider buying travel insurance policies for their expedition. This is because people are not familiarised with the benefits that travel insurance offers. It is important to understand the significance of travel insurance for a safe journey. 

Travel Insurance Myths

It is imperative for a traveller to separate the facts and fiction involved in a travel. Travel insurance is essential whether an individual travels occasionally or is organising their first trip. People must discover the reality, benefits, and significance of travel insurance policies. 

Let us discuss the top ten travel insurance myths. 

Travel Insurance Policy is a Waste of Money

One may find people saying that buying travel insurance is a waste of money. However, it is merely a myth. People think that they will hardly utilize the benefits of travel insurance during a trip. Hence, they assume that there is no benefit in buying the insurance. However, it is not the whole truth. 

The travel insurance policy works like other insurance policies. The primary motive of travel insurance is to provide safety and security to the policyholders. Travel insurance provides financial security and indemnifies the policyholder against any unanticipated events which may transpire during a journey. It offers financial support to the policyholder in case of cancellation of the trip, medical emergency or lost baggage. 

The aforementioned incidents might be expensive for travellers. It may ruin the trip planned by an individual. In addition, there shall be no such coverage mentioned above in the absence of the insurance policy. 

On top of that, medical transportation and travel assistance are very costly. An individual may not often afford such facilities during a trip. Therefore, the travel insurance policy can be a lifesaver for a policyholder in a medical emergency. It may help policyholders navigate foreign or unfamiliar territory. It may also help the policyholder in order to obtain the necessary aid quickly. 

The travel insurance policy may seem to be an unnecessary expense. Nevertheless, it offers valuable services and protection in case of a crisis. It can also save a substantial amount for a policyholder during the claim. Hence, before considering it as a waste of money, the individuals should understand the significance of the policy and the potential losses they may face or meet during a trip.

Travel Insurance is Only Useful When Planning for an International Trip

It is also merely a myth that travel insurance is only required when an individual is planning an international trip. Many people prefer to travel within their own country during their vacations. Hence, they feel they are not required to have a travel insurance policy. However, this is not the whole fact. 

Travel insurance is an ideal policy for both domestic and international trips. The accidents can happen anywhere whether one is exploring a domestic or international location. Even if an individual is enjoying a domestic trip, he cannot be familiarised with the entire country. An emergency may occur anywhere. A short trip can also be interrupted owing to an unforeseeable event. Therefore, whether a traveller is planning a domestic or international trip, he must subscribe to a travel insurance policy to obtain protection and enjoy the investment made in a trip. 

Travel Insurance is Very Expensive for a Normal Individual

This is another myth that travel insurance policy is very expensive to buy. People generally believe that travel insurance is an unaffordable product. Therefore, they embark on their journey before considering the significance of travel insurance. Contrary to this misinformation and the belief of normal citizens, travel insurance is not too expensive. 

The premium or cost of a travel insurance policy depends on several factors. This includes the days of an expedition, the destination of the policyholder, and the type of coverage that a policyholder seeks during a voyage. Therefore, in many cases, one may discover travel insurance as an affordable product. 

It is important to note that the cost of a travel insurance policy can be minor when compared to the potential losses and risks involved in a particular trip. An individual may impliedly evade or elude an unfortunate event while buying the travel insurance policy. However, in the absence of a travel insurance product, an individual may not afford to avoid such unexpected events. 

Hence, one must understand the repercussions before dismissing the idea of buying a travel insurance plan. Instead, people must explore insurance policies and search around for affordable and inexpensive policies by comprehending the coverage they require during their expedition. 

Each Member of a Family Needs to Buy a Different Plans to get Covered under a Travel Insurance Policy

People believe that each member of a family needs a separate plan for a travel insurance policy. However, this belief is contrary to the fact of a travel insurance product. The insurance company offers various options to a policyholder that covers every member of a family under a single plan. An individual may choose a plan which shall offer coverage to each member of a family in a single premium. The coverage provided to the members shall be identical. This may help the policyholder to save a substantial amount. It shall also be convenient for the policyholder to buy the travel insurance policy. 

In a single travel insurance plan, an individual may include the spouse, children, parents and even the grandparents. Some insurance companies may also offer a discount when buying travel insurance policies for the family. Therefore, an individual may contact the insurance agent in order to find the family-friendly options offered by the insurance company. 

The Health Insurance is Enough to Cover Medical Expenses While Travelling

People believe that health insurance is enough to cover medical expenses while travelling. Therefore, they assume there is no need to buy a separate travel insurance policy for obtaining health care services. However, this is not the exact case. 

The medical insurance policy may provide the medical expenses during a trip. However, it may not cover the entire medical expenses. Many health insurance policies are limited in order to provide coverage to the policyholder outside the domestic country. In addition, the health insurance policy may also not provide the facility of medical transportation and other assistance required during a medical emergency. 

However, travel insurance, on the other hand, offers every aforementioned requirement of a policyholder. The policy is designed to offer such coverage during a trip. These are the basic requirements of a policyholder during an international or domestic trip. It also helps the policyholder find a local doctor or hospital for his treatment. Hence, the travel insurance policy is an ideal product to avail of such services. The medical insurance is not enough to cover such requirements.

In case of Delay or Cancellation of a Flight, the Airline shall compensate the Traveller

People believe that the airline shall compensate or reimburse them in case of delay or cancellation of a flight. However, it does not happen every time. 

Airlines are not always obliged to compensate the customer for the cancellation or delay of a flight. Even when they compensate, they charge some amount as a cancellation charge. The traveller does not receive the entire amount he paid to the airlines. In addition, the airlines only refund the cost of the flight. This cost does not include the additional charges. Such additional charges comprise transportation charges, meal expenses, and accommodation fees. On top of that, some airlines may also put forth numerous terms and conditions for the cancellation of a flight. 

On the other hand, travel insurance offers coverage for cancellation, delay, and interruption during a trip. It also offers coverage in case a policyholder loses his baggage. It also reimburses the additional expenses incurred by the policyholder. Therefore, it is an ideal choice to purchase a travel insurance policy in order to avail the aforementioned coverage. 

Travel Insurance Policy is Only Required for an Expensive Trip

It is another common myth that travel insurance is only required in case of an expensive trip. However, it is also merely a saga. Some people assume that travel insurance is only important when planning a luxurious vacation. But it is a false narrative. 

The amount spent on a trip is not likely to determine the event that may ensue during a vacation. The unforeseeable losses or damages may sustain on any tour. It is immaterial whether the trip is expensive or reasonable. 

In addition, an event may also disrupt the trip and cost an individual a substantial amount of loss. For example, a medical emergency on an inexpensive trip may result in additional expenses. 

Therefore, the policyholder should not consider whether the trip is budget-friendly or luxurious. Instead, the individual should determine and assess the loss or inevitable events involved in a trip.

Travel Insurance is Only Required in Some Specific Nations

It is true that some countries make it mandatory for tourists to buy a travel insurance policy. It is mandatory in some countries to possess travel insurance in order to get a visa for the trip. However, one may notice the requirement of travel insurance policies everywhere. It offers useful coverage for policyholders. 

The medical expenses in the developed nation might be expensive for a policyholder. Therefore, it is important to buy a travel insurance policy in order to escape such expenses. Travel insurance is a wise policy for people suffering from pre-existing diseases. 

In addition, it is immaterial which nation a policyholder is visiting for the vacation. The events may ensue at any place in the world. Therefore, it is important to purchase a travel insurance policy to enjoy a memorable trip. 

People may be Too Old to Buy Travel Insurance

People believe that travel insurance is not required for older individuals. They assume that insurance companies do not provide coverage to the older people. Instead, they exclude them from the purview of the policy. 

However, this is not true. Some insurance companies may have age restrictions. Despite this, many insurance companies offer coverage for individuals of all ages. In addition, they also offer coverage for pre-existing diseases for an older policyholder. 

Therefore, people should not assume such circumstances. Instead, they should look for companies providing coverage to all age groups.

Policyholders are Bound to Wait Until they reach home to File the Claim

It is merely a myth that a policyholder is required to reach their home to file the claim. However, it is not the exact circumstance. The insurance policy requires the policyholder to inform them about the claim within 48 hours of the incident.


One may find several myths with regards to travel insurance policy. People believe that the insurance policy is a waste of money. However, while assessing the coverage, it seems to be a wise policy. Travel insurance is important for both domestic and international trips. In addition, some countries have made it a mandate to purchase travel insurance plans to enjoy the trip in such nations. It is an affordable policy that a normal individual may also purchase. It covers every member of a family in a single place. Hence, the policyholder is required to pay a single premium to cover every member of the family. Sometimes, medical expenses cannot be enough to cover the treatment outside the domestic nation. However, travel insurance is designed to provide coverage in every circumstance. It compensates the policyholder with additional expenses during the cancellation of a flight. Therefore, people must purchase a travel insurance policy while embarking on a journey

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Q. Is it true that a travel insurance policy shall safeguard the policyholder on an adventurous trip?

A. Yes, the travel insurance policy is likely to safeguard the insured on an adventurous trip. However, it is important to note that travel insurance may also have its own limitations. It may have some exclusions. 

Travel insurance provides coverage for an unexpected event while on a trip. Nevertheless, it may not offer coverage against every risk associated with the trip. For example, the travel insurance plan may not provide coverage for skydiving, bungee jumping etc. So, a policyholder must understand the type of risks covered by a travel insurance policy. It is also essential to understand the limits and exclusions of a policy.

Q. What coverages are provided by the travel insurance policy?

A. The travel insurance policy offers the following coverage.

  • Medical emergency
  • Cancellation or delay of flight
  • Lost baggage
Q. Is it necessary to purchase travel insurance when a policyholder already possesses a health insurance policy?

A. A policyholder must consider the travel insurance policy even if he possesses a health insurance plan. A health insurance plan may have certain limitations. It may not provide coverage outside the domestic nations. While travel insurance may provide various coverages. This includes medical coverage, stolen luggage, cancellation of a trip, etc.

Q. How to choose the right travel insurance plan?

A. An individual should assess the risk involved in a trip. Then, he should check the coverage provided by the insurance companies and choose accordingly.

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