What are the Types of Shops Covered in Shop Insurance Policy?

What are the Types of Shops Covered in Shop Insurance Policy?

Shop insurance is a comprehensive policy which is purchased in order to cover the shop from potential loss or damages. The shop insurance covers the structure of the premises and the articles or contents kept therein. The insurance policy offers financial protection against an unfortunate event. This includes fire, flood, fraud, riot, burglary, earthquake etc. The transit of cash from shop to bank or vice versa is also protected under the shop insurance policy. The shop insurance product also offers appropriate compensation against a liability claim.

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Types of Shops Covered under the Shop Insurance Policy

Let us discuss the types of shops covered under the shop insurance policy. 

Mobile and Electronic Shops

An individual who owns an electronic shop must purchase the shop insurance policy to protect the electronic items from the potential losses and damages which may ensue anytime. Mobile and electronic shops also need the shop insurance policy in order to protect the products against potential risks. These stores are also prone to burglary threats. Such apprehensions must be evaded by purchasing a shop insurance policy. Hence

Grocery and General Stores

In order to purchase budget-friendly products, a consumer visits Kirana shops, supermarkets, and general stores. These shops offer every kind of groceries. At the same time, such stores are also prone to various kinds of risks. This includes fire, earthquake, burglary, etc. The insurance companies offer shop insurance policies to such stores. It offers protection against unforeseeable and reasonable loss and damages. Hence, one must protect such stores by availing of a shop insurance policy for complete indemnification from the aforementioned losses. Avoidance of the insurance policy may result in financial losses.

Offices and Educational Institutions

The shop insurance policy also helps in financially protecting the education spaces and office premises. It is important to protect the offices and educational institutes (Schools, colleges, coaching classes, etc.). At the same time, it is equally crucial to ensure the safety and protection of employees, students, etc. The furniture attached to offices and institutions is prone to various risks. This includes theft and fire. It also ensures that the policyholder obtains reasonable and appropriate compensation in case of any loss or damages to such properties.

Manufacturing and Processing 

The factories and mills are responsible for the manufacturing of the final products of a business. A factory consists of various machines and a large workforce. Hence, it is also susceptible to various kinds of risks. The shop insurance policy offers protection to the factories against every kind of potential loss which may ensue due to fire, earthquake, theft, etc. A textile mill or a chemical manufacturing centre is prone to fire. The activities taking place in such units may cause accidents. It may also compromise the lives of workers and other third parties. The shop insurance policy is an ideal choice for such units. It offers protection and indemnifies the policyholders against the aforementioned risks. Hence, one must purchase a shop insurance policy.  

Fitness and Personal Lifestyle

A gym consists of various types of machines and also prone to several potential and unforeseen risks. Therefore, it is important for an individual who runs a gym or other kinds of stores to obtain indemnification against the risks by purchasing the shop insurance policy.

Food and Eatables

Cafes, bakeries, and restaurants are the ideal places for youngsters. From big to small bakeries or food trucks, all shops need a shop insurance policy. These places are more prone to fire and other kinds of risks. Hence, one must purchase a shop insurance policy to protect the financial interests. The food shops include Burger King, Chai Point, Pizza Hut etc and other food and beverage brands. The shop insurance policy offers financial coverage to the owners of such places. 


Healthcare like clinics, hospitals, chemists, and medical stores offer vital services to individuals. The healthcare sector is also prone to various kinds of risks. The shop insurance policy offers appropriate coverage for such stores. 

Home Repair Services

A shop which offers repair services also needs a shop insurance policy. For example, a motor garage that provides car servicing needs a shop insurance policy as it is susceptible to burglary and theft threats. The shop insurance policy offers financial coverage to motor garages, carpentry shops, engineering workshops, etc.


A shop insurance policy is an insurance product which protects the structure of the shop along with its content against fire, earthquake, theft etc. There are various types of shops which can be protected under the shop insurance policy. This includes electronic shops, general stores, offices and educational spaces, factories, gyms, etc. It offers protection against natural calamities, fire, explosion, terrorism, theft etc. Therefore, one must purchase the shop insurance policy to fetch indemnification against unforeseeable events.

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Q. What are the benefits a policyholder may fetch after purchasing a shop insurance plan?

A. The policyholder may fetch the following benefits after purchasing a shop insurance plan. 

  • Coverage against unforeseeable events: The shop insurance policy offers coverage against an unanticipated event. It safeguards the policyholders from such loss and damages. 
  • Peace of mind: The policyholder does not need to worry about losses and the protection of the shop. 
  • Safeguard against unexpected losses: Every loss and damage shall be covered by the shop insurance policy.
Q. Why is shop insurance an essential policy?

A. The wealth generated from a shop is a primary source of income for many individuals. A shop is invaluable no matter how big or small it is. At the same time, it is also prone to various risks. The insurance policy helps a shopkeeper to avoid such losses. It allows the policyholder to protect their shops or retail spaces and their contents against unforeseeable events or incidents. The shop insurance policy is a flawless way to secure the profits of a business. It helps the policyholder to focus on the growth of the business and take the trade to new heights.

Q. Can I purchase a shop insurance policy online?

A. Yes, a shop insurance policy can be purchased online. One may visit the official website of the insurance policy company in order to purchase the insurance policy online. It also benefits the individual in several ways.

  • It saves the time of a policyholder if he purchases the policy online. One may purchase the insurance policy in a few minutes. 
  • The claim made by the policyholder can also be settled online. The insurance company may complete the inspection process via smartphone and settle the claim. 
  • It does not require any paperwork to accomplish. Every process can be done with soft copies.
Q. How insurance premiums are calculated in shop insurance policies?

A. The shop insurance policy can be calculated by taking various factors into consideration. Here are the factors that affect the premium of shop insurance policy. 

  • Nature of shop: The premium is calculated on the basis of the nature of the shop. If the shop is large, the policyholder is expected to pay a high premium. However, if the shop is small, the insurance company shall charge a standard premium cost. 
  • Size of shop: The size of the shop also plays a crucial role in determining the premium. 
  • City: If the shop is situated in Tier 1 or urban areas, the policyholder shall pay the high premium.
  • Stock quantity: The sum insured also depends on the quantity of stock that a shopkeeper keeps in the shop.

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