Say goodbye to delays in payout and welcome a hassle-free commission payout experience at PBPartners.

We have introduced an On-demand Payout feature to make the insurance commission payout process seamless for our valued PB Partners ensuring that they will receive their rightful commissions promptly.

Be it the PBPartners app, Whatsapp Buddy, or web portal, as an agent partner, you need to just check your activity points, click to redeem, and the money will be credited into your account within a few hours concerning terms and conditions applied. Our On-Demand Payout feature saves our agent partners from the tedious process of getting payment approvals from their relationship managers. Now sitting in the comfort of your home, you can track your payout and raise requests instantly.

Key Highlights of our On-Demand Payout Feature

Swift IRDAI Commission Processing: Once an insurance agent successfully closes a deal and earns a commission, PBPartners initiates the commission processing immediately.

Instant Access: With the ODP feature, agents no longer have to wait for the end of the month or any fixed payout schedule. They can request their commission payout instantly through the platform.

Seamless Transaction: The requested commission amount transfers directly to the agent’s designated bank account within 30-60 minutes* subjected to T&Cs applied, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free transaction.

Real-Time Tracking: PBPartners’ ODP feature also provides our partners with real-time tracking of their earnings and pending payouts. This transparency empowers agents to stay informed about their financials at all times.

How the ODP feature works at PBPartners

  • Log in to Your Dashboard: Access your PBPartners account by logging in to your personalized dashboard.
  • Check Your Activity Points: Once logged in, review your activity points to see how much you have earned.
  • Redeem Activity Points into commission: Click on the option to redeem your accumulated activity points into IRDAI commission.
  • Prompt Crediting: Enjoy the convenience of a swift process. The redeemed amount credited to your account within just a few hours.

Bottom Line

In a fast-evolving industry where time is of the essence, PBPartners’ On-Demand Payout feature emerges as a game-changer for all our agent partners. By providing instant access to commissions, PBPartners empowers its partners to thrive in their careers, achieve financial stability, and deliver exceptional service to their clients. With this innovative feature, PBPartners reaffirms its commitment to nurturing and supporting its agent partners, fostering a dynamic and successful insurance ecosystem.

Reviews from respective PoSP Partners from different cities:


ODP feature implementation in PBPartners has been a game-changer for my insurance-selling business. Prior the process of getting payout was tedious but now I get them instantly! Instant payout has improved my cash flow management, and I can focus more on serving my clients better. Highly recommended!


The convenience of getting commissions right when I need them has significantly improved my financial planning. PBPartners truly values its agents, and I appreciate their transparency in the payout process.


Jab se ODP aaya tab se payment process bahut simplified ho gaya hai. Ab mai payout check kark instantly request raise kar leta hu aur mere account mei kuch hi ghanto mei paise ah jaate hain.


The ODP feature of PBPartners has made my life easier. Getting commissions exactly when I require them has had a substantial positive impact on my financial planning. PBPartners genuinely prioritizes its agents, and I am grateful for their transparent approach to the payout process.

Maximize Payout benefits with PBPartners’ seamless ODP feature today!